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Chemical Cleanse - Phase 5


Chemical Cleanse - Phase 5


This 4-week Chemical Cleanse is designed to jump start heavy metal detoxification, and lower this toxic burden on your body.

        You will receive a free Ebook Guide with instructions for using the Chemical Cleanse - Phase 5 along with education, meal plans, and recipes upon purchase.

        This 4-week Healus Chemical Cleanse is the fifth phase in our healing system to detox and heal your body. In this phase, we focus on detoxing from the most hazardous substances; heavy metals and chemicals. These toxins can do severe damage to every part of your body. It’s important to understand that there are no “safe” amounts of heavy metals or chemicals in the body. Even a tiny bit of mercury can do a lot of damage. The good news is you can safely get these chemicals out of your body and dramatically lower your toxic load with this cleanse.

        • Lose weight and increase energy†
        • Improve brain function, such as memory and focus†
        • Alleviate depression and anxiety†
        • Treat conditions such as Autism and ADHD†
        • Improve Thyroid function and increase metabolism†
        • Reduce Inflammation and improve immune function†

        1. Chemical Cleanse: Our Chemical Cleanse Supplement is designed to detox the body from environmental toxins like heavy metals, while supporting antioxidant health.

        2. Glutathione Suppositories: Glutathione is the master antioxidant of the body and is used here to help support your liver and immune system during the detoxification process.

        3. Pure Chlorella: These pure chlorella tablets help to naturally detox the body from heavy metals and radiation exposure, while also providing a rich amount of nutrients.

        4. Fulvic Humic Acid Blend: This natural mineral blend helps to gently detox the body from chemicals and metals, while also providing mineral support.

        5. Ebook: Our Chemical Cleanse ebook comes with instructions, in depth information on Chemicals and Heavy Metals, as well as suggested lifestyle recommendations.
        1. Take 1 Glutathione Suppository in the morning.

        2. Take Chlorella dosage throughout the day, splitting larger doses into smaller amounts.

        3. Take 4 Chemical Cleanse Pills at bed.

        4. Take 1 tsp of Fulvic Humic Acid Blend at bed.

        5. Follow the ebook for additional daily lifestyle recommendations.

        Who should not be doing this cleanse? 

        If you are pregnant, nursing, under the age of 12, or have a severe immune compromise, this cleanse is not right for you. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this cleanse.

        Will I be hungry on this cleanse?

        This is not a juice cleanse and it does not involve fasting in any way. In fact, we encourage you to eat! Just choose clean whole foods and smoothies!

        Can I take this cleanse if I am on medication?

        Yes, however, we always recommend that you double-check the ingredients on our cleanse products to make sure that nothing interacts with your medication. If you are on several different medications, we recommend checking with a physician before cleansing.

        Are there side effects associated with this cleanse?

        When you are detoxing from Heavy Metals you are sure to experience some mild side effects. Typical detox side effects may include fatigue, headaches, and irritability. In our ebook guide, we clearly outline all the potential side effects and give you easy remedies to counteract any unwanted symptoms. In general, the side effects are mild and don’t interfere with your everyday life.

        I have mercury fillings, is it safe for me to do this cleanse?

        Yes, you should still do this cleanse, even if you have Mercury fillings. The Chelating agents themselves will not damage your fillings, they only work on chemicals that are in your blood or tissues. And while you can’t ever fully get rid of mercury while you have those fillings, you can lower your loads and get rid of a lot of other chemicals in the meantime. If you do decide to have your mercury fillings removed, please visit a qualified Biological dentist, as conventional removal may leach more mercury into your system.

        How long will it take to get rid of all my heavy metals and chemicals?

        When it comes to this phase everyone is different. Some people have had a lot of exposure and high heavy metal load, and others have more of a moderate level. Everyone detoxes at a different pace, as well. We recommend repeating this cleanse for at least 3 months, although it may take longer depending on your chemical burden.

        Why do these cleanses in order?

        Our Healus Cleanses are designed to go in a specific order. The Chemical Cleanse is the final detox phase before you begin to rebuild and balance hormones. It is last for a good reason. In order to properly detox from heavy metals, you need all of your detox organs working at full capacity. Your colon needs to be clear of toxic waste, candida, and parasites. Your liver needs to be free of sludge and toxic build up in order to handle the heavy metal cleanse. If you try to jump ahead and do the Chemical cleanse before you have properly cleaned up the rest of your body, you risk re-absorbing the chemicals that you are trying to get rid of, which will not only waste your money, but can potentially make you sicker.