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Liver Cleanse - Phase 4


Liver Cleanse - Phase 4


Our 4-week Liver Cleanse is designed to clean out and repair the liver. By supporting the liver, this cleanse helps to increase the rate at which you are able to eliminate harmful toxins and promotes liver health.†


      You will receive a free Ebook Guide with instructions for using the Liver Cleanse - Phase 4 along with education, meal plans, and recipes upon purchase.

      This 4-week Liver Cleanse is the fourth phase in our healing system to detox and heal your body. In this phase we spend some extra time supporting, detoxing, and pampering your liver. The liver has had to work very hard your entire life to detox literally everything we put in our bodies. Not to mention that your liver does more than just detox. It is also responsible for cholesterol, thyroid function, and plays an important role in hormone regulation. This 4-week cleanse will not only get your liver in tip top shape for further detoxing, but will also help reduce inflammation and increase your metabolic function.†

      • Lose Weight†
      • Reduce toxins such as chemicals and heavy metals†
      • Regulate Cholesterol†
      • Improve Thyroid Health and Metabolism†
      • Balance Hormones†
      • Reduce Inflammation in the Intestinal tract and improve digestion†
      • Support Gallbladder function and remove stones†

      Healus Protein: Our all-organic plant-based protein is designed to give your body the protein and vitamins that it needs on a daily basis to heal and rebuild, without any additives or fillers.

      Gut Restore: Our Gut Restore formula is designed to help heal and support digestive health and heal Leaky Gut.

      Liver Cleanse: Our Liver cleanse is designed with ingredients that both support the liver and aid in detoxification.

      Ebook Guide: Our Digestive Cleanse ebook comes with instructions, education, meal plans, and recipes.

      Bonus Gallbladder Flush: Receive your optional Gallbladder Flush guide to take your cleanse to the next level.

      Your ebook guide will walk you through every step of this cleanse and give you specific instructions for every supplement. Here is a general overview of what you’ll be doing every day.

      • Make 1 Smoothie a day as a meal replacement or snack using our Healus Protein and Gut Restore Blend.
      • Eat real nutritious food in between Smoothies.
      • Liv-Restore: Take 2 capsules in the A.M and P.M
      • Towards the end of the cleanse you can do the optional Gallbladder Flush.
      • Feel good about the fact that you are giving your liver a little extra love each day!  

      Who should not be doing this cleanse? 

      If you are pregnant, nursing, under the age of 12, or have a severe immune compromise, this cleanse is not right for you. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this cleanse.

      Will I be hungry on this cleanse?

      This is not a juice cleanse and it does not involve fasting in any way. In fact, we encourage you to eat! Just choose clean whole foods and smoothies! If you follow the food list and stock your pantry, you won’t go hungry.

      Can I take this cleanse if I am on medication?

      Yes, however we always recommend that you double-check the ingredients on our cleanse products to make sure that nothing interacts with your medication. If you are on several different medications, we recommend checking with a physician before cleansing.

      Are there side effects associated with this cleanse?

      While the Liver cleanse is a more supportive phase, it is still a detox. You can expect a few typical “detox” side effects, such as fatigue or headaches. In our ebook guide, we clearly outline all the potential side effects and give you easy remedies to counteract any unwanted symptoms. In general, the side effects are mild and don’t interfere with your every-day life.

      Do I have to do the Gallbladder flush?

      The Gallbladder flush is an optional cleanse outlined in your ebook. First, you’ll see in the ebook if you are even qualified to do the Gallbladder cleanse, as it is not for everyone. If you are qualified, we do recommend completing this 2-day cleanse for optimal results, but the choice is always up to you.

      Why do these cleanses in order?

      Our Healus Cleanses are designed to go in a specific order for a reason. The Liver phase is very carefully placed after Parasites and before the Chemical cleanse. The first 3 phases are primarily focused on detoxing the digestive organs. During that time, the Liver has worked hard to push these toxins out of the body. But the liver has a lot more work to do as it still has to work on heavy metals in the 5th Phase. This is why we take a month to support and pamper the liver. Your liver needs a little extra TLC to prepare for the Chemical Cleanse. Diving into a heavy metal detox before attending to the liver could cause methylation (detox) issues, causing chemicals to re-circulate in your system. This will not only increase the side effects you feel during the Chemical phase, but it will also take that much longer to get rid of heavy metals. Do your liver a favor and give it the much needed attention that it deserves first.