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Become a Health Coach

The Need For Health Coaches

It shouldn’t be a surprise that our current medical system is failing the public. Healthcare today is focused on masking symptoms with medication, rather than addressing the whole person and making needed lifestyle changes. Sadly most Doctors were never even trained in nutrition, and do not have the time in a typical appointment to address lifestyle. As a result we see more and more people turning away from conventional medicine and seeking alternative care. At Healus Health we know how important it is to address nutrition and lifestyle. In our private practice Health Coaches have played a huge role in addressing these needs for our patients. We understand that the success of our patients comes not just from the Healus System, but from the guidance and support they receive from their Health Coach throughout their care. We knew that when we decided to bring Healus Health to the public, we would also need more teachers and leaders to spread this knowledge.

Health Coaches play a vital role in this next wave of healthcare.

What Makes a Great Health Coach

In this growing field of Integrative Medicine, Health Coaching is one of the most fulfilling and profitable careers you can have. And you don’t have to be a health expert either. You just need an open mind, willingness to learn, and desire to help others.

Why Become a Health Coach

  • You are passionate about health and self growth.
  • You enjoy working with others.
  • You have a desire to help others and leave an impact on this world.
  • You would like to learn how to heal yourself.
  • You are looking to go into business for yourself and make your own schedule.
  • You’ve already had basic health coach training but are looking for more advanced training.

The Difference in the Healus Approach to Health Coaching

While there are many Health Coach training programs out there, at Healus we take you to a whole new level. You won’t just be learning nutrition and diet plans. You’ll be taking a whole body approach to healing and learning a proven system that works with any disease or disorder.

  • Learn from the experts with over 25 years of clinical experience, 10,000 real live patients, and a proven program with a 95% success rate of reversing any disease or disorder.
  • Receive training in nutrition, detoxification, naturopathy, fitness, emotional coaching, and business.
  • Enjoy studying at your own pace with our online learning portal.
  • Access to our Health Coaching membership site and resource library.
  • Start getting clients right away with our Healus referral program.
  • Receive commission on Healus products and wholesale pricing.
  • Access to ongoing training and invitations to our live seminars and group retreats.
  • Tom Moretti

    Healus Coach in Training

    I am almost finished with the Healus Cleanse System and on my way to become a Certified Healus Coach. I have learned so much and am grateful for this journey. I am a 3rd year seminary student and am looking to adding this vocation to my life's mission. I am looking forward to teaching others, sharing my experience, and guiding others to be the best that they can be.

  • Faith Washington

    Pharmacist, Healus Health and Business Coach

    As a pharmacist for 15 years for one of the largest pharmacies in the country, I have seen the havoc of the current health system, along with the epidemic of casualties. You can only imagine what I’ve witnessed in my career. I can truly tell you that this proven system has not only empowered me with my Health clients, but catapulted me to a greater sense of awareness of both disease elimination and prevention. I am looking forward to being one of the empowering forces behind your success both in Health Coaching and Business Coaching.

  • Candice Trinklein Andrus

    Master Healus Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor

    As a yoga instructor for one of the leading Sports Academies in the world, I can tell you that every athlete needs this program. The Healus System I have helped take clients through, has produced the most dynamic results I have seen as a Health Coach. I am continually learning more every day and am looking forward to working with the team of instructors to teach you this life changing system.

  • Maurice Katz

    Healus Spokesperson & Motivational Speaker

    I started out as a patient and now I am a consumer advocate. That’s the dynamics of the program and the process. You have a step-by-step system that works every time. I have used it for myself, my family, countless friends and associations. I am behind the Healus Mission to train and empower Health Coaches, World-wide. I hope you will enjoin in our mission and goal to educate and empower people to make informed, proven choices, about their health.

  • Salvador Leto

    Healus Customer Service Specialist

    As the Director of Customer Service, I am deeply aware, from my extensive background in Customer Satisfaction, that the customer is the key to any success. I am excited to be a part of the Healus Health Coaching System, I started as a customer first, as everyone that has come aboard. That should tell you the integrity of the program and system. I look forward to working with everyone, and will see you at the events.