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Detox Guide

Why Detox

When people hear the word “detox” these days they typically imagine starving on a juice fast, or drinking a tea that has you in the bathroom all day. At Healus however, detoxing is not some extreme 3-day fad to shrink your waistline. For us detoxing is a way of life.

The world we live in now is full of toxins that don’t belong in our body. Our poor Livers can’t possibly keep up with the amount of harmful substances it encounters on a daily basis. All of these toxins disrupt the natural balance of our body, and will eventually lead to disease. When you breakdown what causes illness in the body, there are only a few factors. The Heauls System was designed to address the underlying causes behind disease, and is the foundation to becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Healus System

The Healus system is not just a theory. It’s been tested and proven to work by real people just like you. This 8 phase healing process has been implemented for 25 years, with over 10,000 patients, and with a 95% success rate of treating any disease or disorder. For years this system was only available through private practice. Now with Healus Health we are able to put this program online for anyone to access. We invite you to join the thousands of patients who have healed themselves using this breakthrough program!

Before You Start

It’s important to know that this system was designed to work in a certain order with momentum and consistency. Which means you’ll want to do the Cleanses in the proper order. And as soon as you are done with one Phase, you’ll want to move on right away to the next Phase. We recommend that you purchase the next Cleanse ahead of time to ensure that you can continue your detox without having a break between Phases.

Phase 1: Digestive Cleanse - 2 weeks

Healing starts with your gut. Whether your main issue is digestive problems or not. Your gut houses 85% of your immune system, and we now know that 90% of all disease originates from your digestive tract. Commonly referred to as "the second brain,” your gut is arguably the most important organ system in the body.

This is the first Cleanse in our 8 phase system and works by cleaning out your gut and jump starting the healing process. This 2 week cleanse is a great way to detox your body, reduce bloating, balance your microbiome, and promote digestive health.

Phase 2: Candida Cleanse - 1 month

Now that your digestive tract is more cleaned out, it’s time to go after Candida. It’s important to understand that Candida is a yeast that lives in your gut, we are all supposed to have a small amount of it. However, diet, medications, and stress can cause Candida to grow out of hand. When this happens it not only disrupts the delicate balance of the gut microbiome, but begins to affect other systems in the body as well. Brain fog, depression, hormone imbalance, and a weakened immune system, can all be symptoms of Candida overgrowth. Our powerful, herb based Candida Cleanse is designed to lower loads of this pathogenic yeast and bring balance back to your system.

Phase 3: Parasite Cleanse - 2 Months

In this next phase we continue to heal the gut and balance the body by going after Parasites. It is estimated that 85% of Americans have Parasites. They come in all shapes and sizes from microscopic, to big worms. Having Parasites in your body is like having termites in your home. They can reside anywhere they’d like, from your gut to the brain, and can really do some damage. Symptoms such as digestive disorders, skin issues, joint inflammation, depression, and sleep disruption, can all be related to parasites. This 8 week cleanse will not only kill parasites, but the eggs and larva as well.

Phase 4: Liver Cleanse - 1 Month

The liver is the largest internal, and most metabolically complex organ in our bodies. It performs over 500 different functions including fighting off infection, neutralizing toxins, manufacturing proteins and hormones, controlling blood sugar, and stabilizing healthy body weight. Needless to say your liver has a big job, and can really slow down the rest of your body if it is too overloaded. Our month long Liver Cleanse will help support and reset your liver, improving metabolic functions in your body, and eliminating toxins.

Phase 5: Chemical Cleanse - Length Varies

In phase 5 we focus on detoxing from Heavy Metals and Chemicals. This is the final Cleanse in our 8 step Healing System, and works on the nervous system, brain health, hormones, and immune function. Heavy Metals and Chemicals can find their way into your body through drinking water, food supply, cosmetics, as well as things like, pesticides, alloys, and steel. Chemical toxicity can cause serious health conditions if not addressed.

The length of this cleanse will vary depending on your toxic load and how fast your detoxification system works. We recommend taking a Heavy Metal Hair Test before starting this Phase in order to see your current levels. It’s best to then retest every 4-6 months to see how well you are detoxing. The proper way to do this phase is to stay on this cleanse until you see that your levels are low enough. In our ebook guide you will be given instructions on how to continue this cleanse for various lengths of time, and how to maintain a toxic free body once your levels are lower.

Phase 6: Hormone Balancing

In addition to our detoxification phases we have rebuilding and balancing phases that can be implemented throughout the entire process. In this next step we focus on balancing sex hormones, rebuilding the adrenals, and regulating the thyroid.

Your hormones affect every part of the body; from your energy to what you weigh, emotions, and sex drive. Our Hormone Protocol is based on an advanced Frequency Technology, and is safe for anyone to use. These specialized products will help strengthen your adrenals, turn on your thyroid, and balance your hormones, while adding a lot of pep to your stem!

Phase 7: Physical Fitness

If you haven’t already adopted a physical fitness routine by now, it’s time to start. It’s understandable that you may not feel well enough initially to exercise. But by Phase 7 with your new found energy, you’ll have no excuse not to workout! it’s time to focus on physical fitness and adopting a healthy exercise routine for your body type, and your goals.

In today’s world we have endless amounts of exercise programs out there. Our best piece of advice is to find a physical activity that you enjoy, and do more of that. Moving your body is the first step! If you want to take your body to the next level and really begin to sculpt lean muscle you have lots of options as well. You can always join a gym, sign up for classes, or hire a trainer. The important thing is to find something that you know you can fit into your day, and make sure it’s something that you’ll enjoy doing. If you prefer to workout at home, here are some of our favorite online/app based workouts.

  • Body Rock - Sweat Flix: If you are looking for a hard core advanced workout to lean out and build muscle, this is it. This platform has endless workouts to choose from, and each one will have you dripping in sweat at the end.
  • Bikini Body Guides - BBG: If you are fairly new to working out, Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides are a great place to start. These workouts will help you build the strength and endurance you need in the beginning, and will help you continue to advance week after week.
  • Yogaglo: If you are more interested in Yoga, then you’ll want to check out Yogaglo. You’ll get thousands of yoga classes from famous yogi’s in almost every style and in various lengths of time. It’s a great platform for all things yoga.

Phase 8: Emotional Fitness

Perhaps one of the most important components in our 8 step healing system is learning how to become emotionally fit. This phase can be practiced at any time during your detoxing journey, and is essential to establish a healthy body and mind connection. You can detox, eat perfectly, and workout every day, but if you can’t get a grip on your emotions you’ll never truly be healthy. Now when it comes to self growth work everyone will resonate with something different. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Tony Robbins: The King of emotional fitness. If you are looking for practical techniques to improve your state of mind Tony is your guy.
  • Joe Dispenza: Joe’s work brilliantly combines meditation with science to truly rewire your brain. If you’ve struggled with meditation in the past, we encourage you to try his technique.
  • Gabby Bernstein: Gabby is a down to earth spiritual teacher with mystical and practical tips to improve your life. If you are looking for self growth with more of a spiritual foundation you’ll enjoy Gabby’s work.
  • Abraham Hicks: If you are comfortable with the truly mystical and unconventional you’ll love Abraham Hicks. In addition to their books, be sure to watch some of their hilarious, and inspiring Youtube videos.

Need Support?

Detoxing can be hard, we know. If you feel like you could use the extra support throughout this 8 phase process consider working with a health coach. Our Healus Health Coaches are trained to take you through each detox, answer your questions, provide additional guidance, and support you every step of the way.