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Parasite Cleanse - Phase 3


Parasite Cleanse - Phase 3


Our 8-week long Parasite cleanse is designed to kill every stage in a parasite’s life cycle, including the egg and larva. The supportive elements in this cleanse help to rebuild and balance the digestive tract, preventing future infestations.


You will receive a free Ebook Guide with instructions for using the Parasite Cleanse - Phase 3 along with education, meal plans, and recipes upon purchase.

This 8-week Parasite Cleanse is the third phase in our healing system to detox and heal your body. In this phase, we continue to cleanse and heal the gut by going after Parasites and pathogenic bacteria. Having Parasites in your body is like having termites in your home. They wreak havoc on your system! By doing a parasite cleanse and getting rid of these critters, your body will begin to heal and you’ll regain a sense of health and vitality that you haven’t felt in ages.

  • Reduced bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive upsets.†
  • Reduced joint pain†
  • Improved immune system†
  • Increased energy and mental clarity†
  • Reduced cravings†
  • Reduced hemorrhoids†
  • Alleviates skin itching and rashes†

Healus Protein (2): Our all-organic plant-based protein is designed to give your body the protein and vitamins that it needs on a daily basis to heal and rebuild, without any additives or fillers.

Gut Restore (2): Our Gut Restore formula is designed to help heal and support digestive health and heal Leaky Gut.

Par-Tox (4): Our Parasite Cleanse Supplement is designed to kill various forms of parasites and pathogenic bacteria.

Ebook Guide: Our Parasite Cleanse Ebook comes with instructions, education, meal plans, and recipes.

Your ebook guide will walk you through every step of this cleanse and give you specific instructions for every supplement. Here is a general overview of what you’ll be doing every day.

  • Make 1 Smoothie a day as a meal replacement or snack using our Healus Protein and Gut Restore Blend.
  • Eat real nutritious food in between Smoothies.
  • Follow your ebook for the proper dosage of Par-Tox pills throughout your cleanse. 
  • Enjoy the satisfaction you’ll feel as these critters make their exit!

Who should not be doing this cleanse? 

If you are pregnant, nursing, under the age of 12, or have a severe immune compromise, this cleanse is not right for you. If you have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, such as Ulcerative Colitis or Crohns, you need to use caution when cleansing, and do not do this cleanse in the middle of a flare-up. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this cleanse.

Will I be hungry on this cleanse?

This is not a juice cleanse and it does not involve fasting in any way. In fact, we encourage you to eat! Choose clean whole foods and smoothies! If you follow the food list and stock your pantry, you won’t go hungry.

Can I take this cleanse if I am on medication?

Yes, however we always recommend that you double-check the ingredients on our cleanse products to make sure that nothing interacts with your medication. If you are on several different medications, we recommend checking with a physician before cleansing.

Are there side effects associated with this cleanse?

You can’t cleanse your body from Parasites without a few typical “detox” side effects, such as fatigue or bloating. In our ebook guide, we clearly outline all the potential side effects and give you easy remedies to counteract any unwanted symptoms. In general, the side effects are mild and don’t interfere with your every-day life.

Will I actually see parasites in the toilet?

It’s a good possibility. Parasites come in all shapes and sizes, from microscopic to 6 ft long tapeworms! When you are doing this cleanse, it is good to keep an eye on what’s coming out of you. Of course, often the parasites are going to be more embedded in your stool and hard to see, but if you are “lucky”, you’ll spot a worm or two.

Will this cleanse get rid of all of my parasites?

No, it is unlikely that you’ll ever get rid of every single parasite in your body. In fact, you don’t want to eliminate parasites completely, as a small amount is actually natural and normal to your microbiome. Your goal with this cleanse is to lower your loads and greatly reduce the pathogenic burden that too many parasites have on your system.

Can you catch parasites from a family member?

Yes, actually. It is very easy for romantic partners to pass parasites and pathogenic bacteria to each other. This why we recommend that couples cleanse together, so as to not re-contaminate each other.

Why do these cleanses in order?

Our Healus Cleanses are designed to go in a specific order for a reason. The Parasite cleanse is an important cleanse to follow Candida, because during this phase you continue to kill off pathogenic yeast, as well as Parasites. The first 3 phases of the Healus system work primarily on detoxifying and healing your gut. As the colon is one of your main detox organs that your liver relies on to get rid of toxins, it is important to get it working efficiently before you move onto the other phases. By jumping to later cleanses before you properly heal your gut, you risk re-contaminating yourself with the toxins that you are trying to eliminate.