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Complete Biotic

Move over probiotics, the latest breakthrough in digestive health has arrived! Our Complete Biotic is the most advanced bio-available form of butyrate to transform the health of your gut and strengthen your immune system.

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Digestive Cleanse

Cleansing made easy! Our 2-week Gut-Tox digestive cleanse is a simple and effective way to jumpstart your health, all while eating real food, no starving required! Regulate your digestion, get rid of the bloat, and shrink your waistline.

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I’ve recommended the Healus cleansing system to many of my patients, and have gone through all the cleanses myself. When it comes to treating chronic disease it’s the only system I’ve seen that makes sense and gets real results.

Casey Smith

Neurosomatic Therapist, LMT, CPT

With my crazy busy schedule, I’m always on the go, and I need a cleanse that won’t interfere with my lifestyle. I’ve tried so many different types of detoxes in the past, but the Healus cleanses are the most doable and effective for me. I can feel and see a difference in just one week. And it doesn’t slow me down. In fact, I have more energy!

Noel Elie Puck

Actress, Producer

From my perspective as a pharmacist, I am very impressed with the success of the Complete Biotic, as well as the scientific evidence behind this product. Truly a game changer in the action of enhancing the gut microbiome.

Faith Washington

Pharmacist, Radio Host