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Qualifying Products: At this time the Complete Biotic is the only Healus product available for wholesale. We plan to expand our wholesale line in the future to include additional products, at which point an announcement will be made.

Wholesale Program Eligibility: To be eligible to be a wholesale partner you must reside in the U.S. and be either a licensed healthcare practitioner, or owner of a brick and mortar health establishment. The wholesale application must be completed in full, with appropriate licenses or permits included in order to be considered for approval. 

Wholesale Application: Healus reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke a wholesalers account at their discretion. 

Minimum/Maximum Order Quantity: The minimum order quantity for wholesale orders is 6 bottles. The maximum order quantity is subject to change based on product availability. Please contact us directly for orders over 50 bottles.

Product Availability: Wholesale products for sale are subject to availability. If stock is low, Healus reserves the right to temporarily pause wholesale orders until further notice. Notice will be given to wholesalers in the event that orders will be paused.  

Coupons & Discounts: Healus retail coupons, sales, discounts and rewards program do not apply to wholesale orders.  

Shipping: Wholesale customers are responsible for shipping costs, which will be charged at the time of checkout. All orders and returns are subject to standard shipping rates. Your order should arrive between 2-7 business days, depending on your location. You will receive shipping updates via email. At this time, shipping is limited to the U.S. only.

Placing Orders: First-time orders must be submitted via email using the wholesale order form provided upon approval. Re-orders should be placed by email. Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days. 

Payment Terms: Payment is due upon checkout. Payment methods include PayPal, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and more. We do not offer net 30 terms at this time. 

Return Policy: Unopened product may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, minus shipping costs. Healus is not responsible for returns from Wholesalers' patient or customer base. Exchanges for damaged items may be made within the 30-day return window.

Distribution of Products:

  • Distribution of Products in Healthcare Practice: Each Healthcare Professional is licensed by Healus to offer to sell and/or sell Products only in the following channels of trade: 
    • 1. In-Office. All Products may be distributed in-office.
  • Distribution of Products in Health Establishment: Each Healthcare establishment is licensed by Healus to offer to sell and/or sell Products only in the following channels of trade: 
    • 1. Physical Stores. All Products may be distributed in brick and mortar health establishments. 

Prohibited Channels: Any offer to sell Healus products on a Wholesaler owned website or on any third-party website is prohibited. A third-party website is any website that is owned or operated by someone other than Healus. All online sales outside of a Healus owned and operated channel are prohibited. 

Pricing Structure: Wholesalers must follow the Product(s) suggested retail value when selling in-office. Products may not be discounted outside of the given pricing structure guidelines.

  • Complete Biotic Suggested Retail Value: $50.00 - $79.00 

No Modification: Healthcare Professionals may not modify, alter, add-to, and/or change the Products’ packaging in any way.

Claims about Products: All claims about the Products must comply with applicable laws and regulations. For example, Products may never be claimed to be nor used as replacements for/alternatives to conventional medical treatment/approaches. Further, the Products may not be claimed nor used to delay the use of conventional medical treatment.

Wholesaler Obligations: Wholesaler shall market, advertise, promote, and sell products to their customer base in a manner that reflects favorably at all times on Healus products and Healus as a brand. Wholesaler should maintain the goodwill and reputation of Healus and remain consistent with good business practices. Wholesaler should have sufficient knowledge of the industry and with similar or competitive products including specifications, features, and benefits, so as to be able to explain in detail to customers the differences between Healus products and competing products. Wholesaler should be well informed on standard instructions and features of each product. All product related promotional and marketing materials shall be submitted to Healus for approval prior to use. Any product materials should maintain dosage and instruction guidelines outlined by Healus. Marketing materials must not make any misleading or untrue statements concerning Healus or Healus Products. Any claims about the product must comply with FTC guidelines. Wholesaler may not resell Goods to any federal, state, local, or foreign government or political subdivision, without express written approval from Healus.

Wholesaler Price: The prices for products sold under this agreement shall be per Healus’s current wholesale price list. Healus has the right to change the pricing structure at any time. Wholesale prices are exclusive of shipping charges, taxes, duties, tariffs and charges of any kind imposed by any governmental authority. Wholesaler shall be responsible for all such charges, and shall indemnify and hold Healus harmless against any liability or responsibility for any such charges.

Wholesaler Representation: Wholesaler represents and warrants to Healus that it is a corporation, limited liability company or sole proprietor in good standing under its legal jurisdiction. 

Intellectual Property Rights: Wholesaler shall use Healus's Intellectual Property Rights solely for the purposes of marketing and honoring the terms of this agreement. Wholesaler must follow Healus's trademark policies, which may be altered or updated per Healus’s discretion. Healus grants to Wholesaler the non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right to use Healus's Trademarks during the term of this agreement for the purposes of promoting or advertising Healus products. Healus maintains the right to request changes or the discontinued use of any trademarked promotional material or display. Healus grants no rights, interest, ownership, or license, to Wholesaler to any of Healus’s Intellectual Property Rights. Wholesaler acknowledges and agrees that any and all of Healus's Intellectual Property Rights are the sole and exclusive property of Healus. Wholesaler shall not challenge any right, title or interest of Healus’s rights in or to Healus' Intellectual Property Rights. Wholesaler shall not attempt to apply or register for Healus’s trademarks, nor trademarks purposely designed to be similar to Healus’s. Wholesaler agrees not to use Healus as or part of a domain name. 

If or when the agreement between Wholesaler and Healus is terminated, the Wholesaler is required to remove any display or promotional material containing Healus’s Trademarks. 

For the purposes of this agreement Intellectual Property Rights consists of Healus’s patents, trademarks, domain names, website copy, articles, e-books, handouts, videos, brand name, logo, and product specific designs. Whether or not such Intellectual Properties are registered by a governing authority or copyrighted. 

Indemnification: According to the terms and conditions of this agreement the Wholesaler shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Healus, partner company Vitality Products International, and all associated parties, against any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, actions, judgements, settlements, penalties, fines, or costs of any kind including attorney fees. This includes any insurance costs relating to a third party claim. 

Agreement: This agreement, as executed by both Healus and Wholesaler, constitutes as a legal, valid, binding document. Any failure of the Wholesaler to comply with this agreement will result in termination of Wholesalers account and may result in the pursuit of legal action. 

Contact: Please email with any questions pertaining to wholesale accounts.